Amazing work spaces created by Theme Station...

Believe it of not, the images above are all fully functioning meeting and conference rooms!


Theme Station is the brainchild of Rebecca Morton and it provides a unique service geared towards improving the creativity and vibe of the corporate workplace, hotel or restaurant.  Our aim is to transform open plan offices, breakout/cafe areas and conference rooms by creating high quality themed designs for temporary or permanent installation. We steer away from the 'executive playground' concept of pool tables, ball pits and slides, instead, we create rooms that inspire, rather than distract, and often with a bespoke, themed, functional conference table as a focal point.


So, if you're thinking about transforming a tired-looking workplace into a dynamic meeting area, let us help.

You could be pitching your next creative venture inside a beach hut or a poolside cocktail bar, or planning your next IT strategy around a giant smartphone with interactive screen technology!



We look forward to hearing from you...











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